What is AO?

Almost one is a self-governing Defi project, with the purpose of technological innovation in the field of blockchain and sustainable development. A token created to restore power and trust to the user and the community. We will create a supply/demand strategy as a result of our technological research and all the tools we have at our disposal. We try to create a self-sufficient and sustainable economy for everyone. Almost one is the future thanks to all the features available and its value will be determined by the strength of the community as a whole.

Farming Liquidity

All funds received from the presale will go towards providing liquidity for AO/ETH on uniswap. Most projects lock liquidity for an amount of time. We will not lock liquidity, we will provide the liquidity UNI tokens to the farming smartcontract in addition to a mínimum of 50% of AlmostOne supply. With this method we can ensure that users will be farming value from day 1. The amount provided to uniswap will be capped to a maximum of 15%. If less tan 15% of AO is sold during presale, the same amount will be added to uniswap and the rest will be sent to the farming smartcontract to reward liquidity providers.

Token Info



Social Networks


There is no team. No lead dev. This is a community project; this can be seen in the fact that we want 1 coin, but only can reach 0,99.

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